For Firewood Orders:

Email us at or call us at (215)483-0150. 

Weekday availability only.  

*Due to COVID-19, we will wear masks during all firewood transactions.


Our “Big Bags”      

Our wood is packed and delivered in heavy duty, clear poly bags for weather protection and clean storage.   Each “Big Bag” contains about 21-22 pieces, about 2.0 cu ft of wood, equivalent to about 3 “store-bought” bundles.

Our Wood

Our wood is seasoned and split Pennsylvania hardwood cut and split at our farm in eastern Pennsylvania .   Our high-density hardwoods provide high heat value and a long-burning, clean-burning fire with few sparks.  All wood is clean, split and seasoned for at least 1 year.  From harvest to splitting to stacking and bagging, we handle every piece of our wood before we bring it to you.


  • $20.00 /“Big Bag” 

Each “Big Bag” contains about 21-22 pieces, or about 2.0 cu ft of wood.   Pieces are 15-16 inches long, seasoned, clean and split for easy handling.


  • $5.00/Kindling Bag

Enjoy the aroma of sassafrass with your fire! Our Kindling Bag contains about 1 dozen short pieces of sassafrass and mixed hardwood. We include a bag of wood shavings to help you get your fire going well.

Kindling 5 100619

Firewood Purchase 

We are located in Northwest Philadelphia, zip code 19128.

Order pickup can be scheduled at our location.  Weekday availability only.

Delivery can be arranged within Northwest Philadelphia. Minimum order for delivery 6 bags ($120.00).

Payment is accepted in cash or via our Paypal account:   2WintersWoods@gmailcom.   Thank you!

Prices include sales taxes!

Note: Two Winters Woods holds a PA Department of Agriculture permit and is in compliance with regulations concerning spread of the spotted lanternfly.

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