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Horticultural Charcoal 

Horticultural charcoal, 100% natural product made at our farm.

  • For use in garden soil, container plants
  • When “charged” with moisture/compost mixture, effective soil amendment (“biochar”)
  • Aids in moisture and nutrient retention, reduces soil density, increases porosity and aeration
  • Available in medium and fine sized fragments

Quart size bag contains 4 cups. $7.00 plus shipping    Medium or fine grade available

Gallon size bag contains 16 cups. $17.00 plus shipping  Medium or fine grade 

Large size bag 1/3 cu ft size, $30.00 plus shipping  Medium grade 

Medium crushed charcoal ¼ – 1” fragments


Fine crushed charcoal in 1/8 – 1/4” fragments