From Our Woods

We offer a variety of natural and hand made products from our own Pennsylvania woods.  All these items can be viewed and ordered at our Etsy store.

Please visit our Etsy store!

Horticultural Charcoal 

Horticultural charcoal, 100% natural product made at our farm.

  • For use in garden soil, container plants
  • When “charged” with moisture/compost mixture, effective soil amendment (“biochar”)
  • Aids in moisture and nutrient retention, reduces soil density, increases porosity and aeration
  • Available in medium and fine sized fragments

Available at our Etsy store. 

Quart size bag contains 4 cups. $6.00 plus shipping    Medium or fine grade available

Gallon size bag contains 16 cups. $17.00 plus shipping  Medium or fine grade 

Large size bag 1/3 cu ft size, $30.00 plus shipping  Medium grade 

Medium crushed charcoal ¼ – 1” fragments


Fine crushed charcoal in 1/8 – 1/4” fragments



Walking Sticks

We offer a selection of simple, hand finished Walking Sticks in a variety of lengths and stains. Each stick is made from a hardwood sapling harvested on our farm. Each stick is stained and given a spar urethane finish for outdoor durability. We like simple, strong sticks that can get beat up in the woods, and that’s the kind we make. See our available Walking Sticks at our Etsy store. 



Wood Artifacts

Occasionally we offer handmade wood artifacts, raw and natural wood materials or found wood for use by crafters or just because of their natural beauty as we found them.  Please visit our Etsy store for currently available items.