Two Winters Woods


We are a father and son team, working together at our farm in eastern Pennsylvania to make this small business.   Our farm has been in our family for over 60 years.   Our different products all have the most important thing in common, all come from our woods and our farm.   Some are made by our hands and tools, some by our thoughts and experiences as we work together.    There are many things that can be made on a working farm and these are ours.

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Our Products


Two Winters Woods publishes chapbooks and occasionally longer work drawn from our farm and the Pennsylvania mountains.


A novella, and a meditation on grief, love, loss and going home.  Published 2017.

sawhorse reduced


A selection of pocket-sized chapbooks containing Psalms and other verses for daily readings, or to be used as personal notebooks, diaries or journals.

Two Winters Woods Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer Books Blog 7/8/16!…/Local-exec-retires-chops-wood—and-starts-a-publishing-house



High quality hardwoods, seasoned and split, bagged.   Seasonal, locally delivered only.


From Our Woods      

We offer a variety of natural and hand made products from our own Pennsylvania woods, including horticultural charcoal, walking sticks and wood artifacts.

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