Published January 30, 2021

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“Be a face on the mountain, he whispered. Have eyes of rain, Be dried by sun, And in cold nights be lit with stars. Sleep white under the snow, And dream, till the mountain wears away.”

Nine linked stories and a novella, Hillborn creates a mosaic of lives: a man, a woman, a child, in time. Like tributaries of a stream, their lives wind through remote hills, Pennsylvania towns and cities, a mountain farm.

“The rocky trail climbed the ridge in switchbacks, the same trail they had climbed twelve weeks ago, the footing now soft from rain, green now hinted in the gray and brown woods. They passed the cut stones he had made, wet in the spring morning light. She came up beside him. The stones look different now, she said. He nodded without looking at her. They are, he said.”

Richard Winters

“Simple of appearance, equally bewitching in that simplicity, and equally rewarding”

–Mark Rich, Small Press Review

Click here to view an extract from Hillborn: She heard the plow first

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